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      The music to accompany this moment is crucial, the big moment, where your breath shortens, the nerves heighten, and everyone expects to see your grand walk down the aisle. This is the moment everyone will remember, and for most, it is the first time they see their fiancés over the last few days.  Our suggested songs, here!

          The moment the big nerves start dying down, everyone is looking to mingle,
          have a fresh drink, and take their selfies. Usually (if in the summer), the cocktail is hosted outdoors, giving you all the summer fresh vibes. The playlist to accompany this moment is mostly more chilled, romantic, yet still in a very relaxed vibe. Get inspired with the following options, selected by VOWS here!

            Dinner is over, and after that delicious meal, you need to dance it off. Let’s finally celebrate the hard way, your union, with a killer playlist to accompany this. You will be given the perfect moment to show off how much flow your wedding dress has. Shake off all the worries, and let go with our selected playlist. The drinks are flowing, and the songs are vibe-ing. Next thing you know, you will be dragged onto a dance train!

            More here!

            The romantic moment you’ve been waiting for, a moment where your dance lessons finally pay off, and you and your partner feel like its just the two of you, despite the fact, that you are surrounded by all your loved ones. The perfect song, will allow you both to join into the dance of a lifetime, which will only have a forever, hold back the tears and enjoy these songs selected by us here!

            Portugal is known for various music types. However, the most known is Fado. A melancholic song, which breathes romance, love, and passion; Fado also has some upbeat songs, that are perfect for your destination wedding! This way you can offer a little bit of the Portuguese culture, whilst your guests get lost in its magic. We’ve also left you a few Brazilian themes, which go hand in hand with the Portuguese favorites. Rejoice in the following songs, and allow our Portuguese soul to reach your playlist, here!