Our countryside is stunning, for its landscape views, dotted with cattle, olive trees and the conventional Portuguese Quintas, the perfect estates to host your destination wedding, with larges properties and grounds around the main house, you will feel like you are hosting your guests at home with the best olive oil and wine to flavour your wedding!
Stunning ocean views, clear skies, and jaw dropping cliffs, set the ideal backdrop for beach weddings in Portugal, which is known for its unique coast, that runs almost all around our country. We make it possible getting married barefoot on the sand, or overlooking the ocean so get ready for all the coastal dream wedding vibes.


Our vibrant capital is sure to bring you the fun urban touch; from factories to brick walls, to huge graffiti and trendy streets with lively neighbourhoods, great photo opportunities and completely one of a kind venues right in the city centre. Your Urban Chic Wedding in Lisbon will be a unique great event in Portugal that your guests will never forget. 

Due to it’s immense History of Monarchy, Portugal has been gifted and then as a nation treasured, thousands of historical monuments. From palaces to castles, to convents and monasteries Portugal has so much to offer if you’re looking to have a fairy-tale wedding. 

If you are looking for a place to host a unique and memorable event, we have amazing locations and great ideas for corporate or personal events; dinner parties, galas, Christmas parties and birthdays in all sorts of locations, whilst providing the same element to all: Stunning venues, innovative caterings, gorgeous decorations, and never-ending entertainment.