Food & Beverage


Come and join us in a unique taste, scent, and flavor journey, where the only destination is your wedding reception.

One thing we are absolutely sure of: our caterings are incredible. The way they control the flavors and create a one of a kind menu to fit your needs, is absolutely impressive. They always ensure that the menu is not boring, and that the food served represents you and your partner. We pay attention to, dietary restrictions and cultures, to ensure that we are more than inclusive to all our clients. We love out of the box menu ideas and creative serving ways. We have some ideas lined up, however we are always ready to implement yours as well. Over the years we have created a strong partnership with our caterer, whilst always ensuring that we serve all food types for all the different taste buds.



From cute bars, to unique sangrias, and cocktails ready to make your guests head spin of delight, we know that no matter your preference, we are sure to deliver! Drinks start at the cocktail, then move to the dinner, and finally end in the dance. At the cocktail, the drinks served are lighter, softer and fresher. For dinner, the catering decides alongside you, the perfect wines to accompany your meals. For the cake cutting, special celebratory champagne is popped, and then the open bar is open for the dance! On the dance floor, the drinks start flowing, and suddenly you will feel like a guest at Gatsby’s party.