what we do



We focus on tailoring the right kind of idea to each and every request, so that your event is not only unique and unforgettable, but also so you can enjoy it fully while planning it. It’s in the small details and setting the right type of vibe, turning your vision into reality.


We are here to guide you through every step and help you choose the best suppliers to match your style, in any area when planning a wedding in Portugal. From advising you and giving you several options to choose from, we are transparent in our communication. You can be anywhere in the world, we will make you feel like you are a local and getting married in Portugal is just a walk in the park.


Your wedding day is for you to fully enjoy and to be surrounded by your friends and family, while everything looks as beautiful as you had imagined, the food is delicious and the guests are thrilled to be in a stunning venue with tasty drinks in their hands.


With a passion for nature and color, Rose De Liniere is our talented florist who dedicates her energy and love to the flower decoration as well as designing the right concept for each event. Designing flower sets as a must: the fragrance, texture and appearance will make every event unique and exceptional.

Location Scouting

We know Portugal from top to bottom, with a focus in Lisbon and its surrounding areas, we can recommend the best wedding venues in Portugal for each client! Have a Look!

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Our Suppliers

We have a variety of people whom we trust and work with: Hair & Makeup, Photography, Videography, Stationery, Cakes & Desserts, Bridal Fashion, Calligraphy, Transport, Entertainment etc.

we are what we eat

The Food

There’s nothing like sharing a good meal amongst a good group of people with a common interest: the celebration of love! The way our chefs control the flavors and create unique menus to fit our clients’ needs, is absolutely impressive! Over the years we have created strong relationships with our caterers, whilst always ensuring that we serve all types of food and please all different tastes.

The Bar

From creative bar sets to incomparable sangrias, we know that no matter your preference we are sure to create delicious beverages to ensure everyone is served and pleased. With a variety of options to choose from, our bar is catered to your taste and we make sure every guest has the kind of glass in their hands.