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Create an original menu with local gastronomic traditions or audacious culinary novelties. Foods with a fabulous appearance and incredible flavors become a lifestyle that guarantees an unforgettable experience.

If you are looking to provide a variety of gastronomic experiences to impress your guests and to please everyone at the table, discover the main trends for this year.

DIY Bars:

Who doesn’t like to make their own drink and create exactly beverages to their taste?

DIY Bars are a great choice for weddings. Not needing so many employees to serve, each guest can serve whatever they want, to the taste of each, making them feel they are part of the wedding.

DIY Bars can have any type of food, but some ideas include bubble bars, mimosa bars, tacos and salad bars.

Dessert Table:

Most people’s favorite part of sitting at the table: desserts!
Taking away the savory flavour from your mouth, or simply giving yourself a little sweet treat: there is nothing better than a dessert after a meal, or in the middle of the night for snacks. 

There must be a wedding cake, but who said it is the only dessert that can be served at a wedding? There is a whole world of desserts out there. A great suggestion is to have a table with a variety of mini desserts. Betting on variety makes sure you don’t leave anyone out. Also, a table full of small sweetness will delight everyone!

Food Trucks:

If you are looking for a simpler meal and a different experience for your guests, food trucks are a great combination of informality and style. The fact that food trucks are traditionally not very fancy doesn’t mean they can’t rock at a wedding, serving food that everyone likes! 

Food trucks typically have ice cream, burgers, desserts, cocktails, chips, pizzas, tacos or hot dogs. 

Casual Meal:

For a more relaxed atmosphere you can have more casual meals. A table with snacks, small bites, tapas, passed plates or even a more familiar meal like a family recipe from the mother or grandmother.

Food Stations:

To replace the rows of classic buffets, there are more creative ways to feed your guests. These would be stations as gastronomic islands, facilitating the flow of guests to avoid queues and create an experience of a flavor itinerary.

Guests could enjoy a show cooking like a sushi kiosk, a taco bar, a dessert table or a vintage food truck. There are several ways to enjoy a live preparation of the wedding menu, which is a unique experience for your guests.

Another popular way to provide guests with quality food without having to move is Roaming Food Bars.

Eco-Friendly Vibes:


In recent years society has become increasingly aware of the planet’s future. Thinking green is a growing trend, and we all know that we have to do our part to take care of our planet: more and more vegetarian and vegan options on the wedding menus. These trends are an inspiration for cooking. The combination of natural flavors with dishes’ presentations are perfect for environmental awareness.

The use of seasonal ingredients and local products has become increasingly popular. In the presentation, more attention is given to floral and fruit looks, such as lavender, commentable petals, coconut, pink guava or passion fruit. To reduce the environmental footprint of your wedding you can also choose recyclable cutlery and biodegradable waste.

Unconventional Desserts:

The wedding cake is still considered the main dessert. It is chosen by the couple and a reflection of their personality. But creative and fun desserts are also becoming more and more popular. Tables with pancakes, donuts, stations with various types of chocolate, candies in glass jars, macarons, towers of cheese and colorful cake pops are some examples of creativity that can be found in the catering of desserts.

Various flavors with so many colors provide a culinary journey for you and your guests, a truly unforgettable experience as the menu becomes an art form that we can compare to the band or the decorations.

Location Specific:

Are you going to get married in the countryside? By the sea? Or in the city? You can create a menu based on the location of your wedding by serving regional dishes or dishes with local products. A lot of modern couples try to orient their menu choices to help local producers or local restaurants, making the wedding more personalized and integrated with the venue.

Nostalgia Food:

Nostalgia always creates strong feelings and emotions. To mark such an important moment in their lives, millennial couples often choose to add a bit of nostalgia to their weddings. Typical “childhood” food from the 90s include grilled cheese, mini pizzas, cheese boards, and many others. This choice will definitely make your guests relive good times.