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The beauty in Lisbon’s F&B revolution

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While businesses and particular industries have taken a strong hit these last few years, many are now taking a positive turn.  The industries that took the biggest hit were those who could not remain open during lock down, could not go virtual, and those who rely on personal interaction or travel.  These industries include recreational services, food and beverage, and hotels/accommodations.  

Today, instead of looking at the past, we are going to look at the beauty that is the future here in Portugal.  It is incredible how quickly things are turning around for these sectors, and not only turning around, but also thriving.  The future is bright, and although prime 2022 tourism season has only just begun in Lisbon, the energy felt from this newfound tourism boom is reaching an all-time high. 

Portugal is predicted to be one of the most popular travel destinations of 2022.  Being a wedding and events company, we know how many couples from all over the world are reaching out excited for a destination wedding and we could not be more thrilled.  As tourists and those seeking weddings and events rise in Lisbon, this means the food and beverage industry, as well as the hotel and accommodation sectors, will naturally grow exponentially as well. 

This blog will go over just a few of the new or improved restaurants, event venues, and hotels that are available to use as a venue for your weddings, events, and celebrations.  

Along with fresh development, hotels in Portugal are upgrading and restaurants are upping their food and beverage options.  It gives us chills to think about! 

SUD in Lisbon

If looking for an upscale and scenic environment for your event that can accommodate many guests, SUD in Lisbon is a great option.  SUD is there to offer you luxury lifestyle experiences in a prime location with views over the Tagus River.  SUD is quite large and multifunctional, they certainly took advantage of diversification!  Overall, SUD can accommodate up to 1,500 guests, they have excellent A/V equipment and entertainment options.  Included on the property is SUD Terrazza, SUD Pool Lounge, and Lisboa Hall, each with the ability to host exceptionally elegant and casual events in Lisbon. 

While Lisboa Terrazza and Pool Lounge are large enough for many functions, the impressive Lisboa Hall has two large floors of event space.  Included is a large foyer, three banquet rooms, four theatres and two terraces on the first floor, and a large open indoor and outdoor area on the second floor, both covered and uncovered.  SUD is part of SANA Group that has various luxury hotels and restaurants around Portugal, one of which is run by Martin Berasategui, one of the world’s top chefs with 12 Michelin stars!  Wow!  

Photo retrieved from

Rio Do Prado

Although outside the city of Lisbon, Rio Do Prado is a hospitality innovation worth mentioning.  With the development of two hotels and three restaurants, there is plenty of opportunity for indoor and outdoor events.  What makes Rio Do Prado even greater, it is a venue you can environmentally feel good about.  Included in Rio Do Prado are three experiences, the Literary Man, the Maker Man, and the History Man.

The Literary Man Hotel has eco-chic rooms built using reused materials.  They offer a wellness program as well as multiple program options to choose from to personalize your stay depending on your interests. 

The Literary Man – Photo retrieved from Rio do Prado website

The Maker Man offers innovative and natural suites that lie within beautiful landscapes which is vastly different from traditional hotel rooms in one building.  All suits include an indoor fireplace with an option to upgrade to one with an outdoor fire pit.  One of the suits includes a spa with a massage area, sauna, Turkish bath, and a float room.  Talk about ultimate relaxation! 

With events in mind, the Maker Man gets even better.  They have three different restaurants that offer farm to table experiences with certified organic farming.   The first is called Red Soul and uses ancient cooking techniques around a fire pit, the second is called Green Land and is in the middle of a fruit tree field where they collect the vegetables in that specific location, and the third is in a beautiful lagoon where the sunset is a force of nature. In this location, Blue Sunset, not a single man-made construction can be seen.  Choosing to host a rehearsal dinner or another intimate function/event at one of these farm to table restaurants would provide entertainment based on the gathering and cooking methods, and is a healthier option for the environment and your guests.  The experience would certainly be one of a kind!

In addition to the suites and restaurants, there are various unique rooms that can be used for weddings, functions, events, rehearsal dinners, etc.  mostly in a more intimate manner, one of which is an aesthetically appealing greenhouse.  

The Maker Man – Photo retrieved from Rio do Prado website 

Finally, the History Man is a low-carbon, zero-km proximity agriculture restaurant and the menu changes with the season.  The History man devotes themselves to the idea of merging culture, the hospitality industry, and sustainable design.  Within this location you can find thousands of books and historical documents, as well as a museum.  Along with rooms, there is a patio and terrace, an outdoor kitchen, lounge, and bar.  This would be a wonderful and intriguing location for an intimate event for those that see the beauty in history and mixing that with enthusiasm for the future all while improving your carbon footprint! 


Across the Salazar’s bridge in Lisbon, in Costa da Caparica, on Praia Do Castelo beach, you will find the magical and beautiful Irmāo restaurant who pride themselves as a place of happiness.  Open day and night, they provide food, drinks, and lively music.  There is an option to book a table through their website up to 12 people and they also offer contact for additional information.  

There is a more relaxed vibe during the day with a strong surf culture and many cute dogs so there will not be a shortage of entertainment.  As day leads into night, they turn into more of a party atmosphere.  All different genres of music can be expected, and they like to provide a sense of magic through utilizing light and creating light shows.

The interior and exterior are extremely aesthetically pleasing and have better than average sunbeds for rent.  Their style is handpicked and handcrafted pieces from Iran, Turkey, India, and Morocco.  They also like to include beautiful wood elements to their décor and flower decoration handmade by the best, Lucien Blondel.  Everything about this restaurant is a vibe, I even found myself taking photos of the bathroom design!  If you are into this laidback and beachy style, hosting an event here would ensure magic in every photograph based on the location, their décor, as well as the beautiful sunset. 

Irmão – on the beach – photo retrieved from Irmão website 


Another beach bar located on Costa da Caparica worth considering for an event is Princesa.  The décor style is a little different than the colourful Irmão with more of a nautical theme using neutral fabrics and white painted wood furniture.  Princesa offers casual but sophisticated dining indoors and outdoors including a terrace lounge.  This beach location may be a better option for larger events as they offer event proposals as a guest experience option on top of regular dining including parties, weddings and corporate functions.  They are able to host events until wee hours of the morning and offer full event services from logistics to catering.  If you like the idea of a formal yet casual event on the beach just for you and your guests with peace of mind knowing all details will be taken care of, Princesa is an ideal venue for you!

Princesa – Photo retrieved from Princesa Facebook

Herdade do Peru–e122205

Herdade do Peru is an absolutely breathtaking venue on the countryside to host an elegant wedding or event.  While to rent this location is a little pricier than other venues, if you check it out, you will see why.  For those seeking a larger event, this space is over 600 hectares and can host up to 1000 people.  Located in Brejos de Axeitāo, there are gorgeous gardens inspired by the breathtaking Versalhes gardens and incredible views of the Serra da Arrábida mountain range. 

Other areas on the property include a banquet hall, terrace, gardens, tents, dance floor, children area, swimming pool, space for civil ceremonies, and parking.  There are over 20 rooms and villas that can accommodate 50 guests.  This is a perfect location for a wedding or large function as it would please multiple generations due to the elegance of the grounds and building, the gorgeous scenery would add value to the photos, and this venue would be convenient based on the ability to host guest overnight. 

Photo retrieved from–e122205

The Flat

Up to 150 people can be included at an event held at the Flat, one of Lisbon´s latest and most versatile event venues. The interior is chic, cozy and inviting with four stories and a unique view of the city.   The Flat has more of a relaxed vibe compared to other event venues found in Portugal but is inclusive of a wide variety of events and offers exceptional services including event planning services, A/V equipment, full catering services as well as a personalized bar experience. 

This venue is attractive for hosting events based on the convenience of the location being in the heart of Lisbon, offered services, and epic views of the city.  It is important to keep in mind this venue is four stories with no elevator and may not be the most accessible venue for some. 

The Flat – Photo retrieved from The Flat website

9b by Via Graça

Via Graça has been opened for 30 years and has been well known due to the iconic views and a large wine cellar.  However, 9b by Via Graça recently opened to also include amazing food in the mix. Guilherme Spalk is a Lisbon-born chef and has curated a refreshing, innovative and contemporary concept which includes an impressive 18-course meal as well as a nine course pescatarian meal.  The meals are presented in fascinating ways making 9b a unique and extremely memorable venue for guests to host an intimate dinner party such as a rehearsal dinner, to celebrate a milestone, or to simply bring loved ones together.

9b by Via Graça – Photo retrieved from


Not afraid of a challenge, Cura was opened in the middle of the pandemic in the Four Seasons Hotel Ritz, Rua Rodrigo da Fonseca.  The hotel is one of the most quintessential in Lisbon and the restaurant, with a modern design and orange hues, has already been awarded a Michelin star.  You can expect artistic dishes representing Lisbon´s appetite with meticulously chosen seasonal ingredients from chef Pedro Pena Bastos.  This is a good choice for an event or dinner function where the food is the star of the show in a classic hotel that does a good job of representing Lisbon culture with upscale Portuguese cuisine. 

Cura – Photo retrieved from Cura website

The Pavilions Lisbon

The exciting Pavilions Lisbon hotel will be opening in 2022 in a historical heritage building built in 1980 with opportunities for picture perfect events for both business and leisure.  Included on the property will include well-kept gardens, a spa building, pool and bathhouse.  While there is not too much information yet, you can get inspired by the sneak peek on their website.  From what we can see so far, this would be a great choice for a venue based on the picturesque gardens and views.